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City Pages Recognition

April 16, 2014
Major thanks to City Pages for naming me "Best Standup (National) Minneapolis 2014." Minneapolis is my favorite place in the world and this means a lot to me.

Valentine's Day in Grand Rapids

February 13, 2014
This weekend, I'm at one of my favorite clubs, Dr. Grins, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As an added bonus, one of my good friends/favorite comics, Mike Brody, is opening for me. I can't imagine a better way for you to spend Valentine's Day!

Stand Up Live

September 18, 2013
Working this week in Phoenix, Arizona. I'll be opening for Jay Mohr. Should be fun.

Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha

August 22, 2013
This week Friday and Saturday I'll be at the Cincy Brew Ha-Ha with some great comedians. It'll be a blast. Can't wait. So come on out!

Punchline Punchout

June 25-29, 2013
I'll be at Acme Comedy Company in Minneapolis all week with friends and favorite comedians competing in Punchline Punchout. We'll have two teams (led by Chad Daniels and me) of five comics each doing brand new material every night. So, come out to Acme and watch us do battle! A chance to cheer on your favorite comedians and see who can make you laugh the hardest. Check out the recent Minnespolis CIty Pages article.

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April 15-19, 2014
Acme Comedy Company
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